Wire Wrap Jewelry Art
sparkle and shine with wire wrap jewelry

Razzle dazzle,
Sparkle too.
Stones and silver,
Made for you!

Some of Life’s big questions:

• Why am I here?

• What am I doing?

• Where is my other sock?

• Do I really deserve this gorgeous wire wrapped jewel around my neck?

While we don’t know where that other sock is, we do know one thing: You SO deserve to feel razzled and bedazzled, but never frazzled. Everyone has the right to let their beauty shine.

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Elizabeth built her business with a relentless focus on three key elements: passion, craftsmanship, and stones. Her goal is to help you strengthen your connection to your beautiful, true Self. It is with this intention that Wire Wrap Jewelry Art was created.


Expectations can get in the way of our divine right to express ourselves in a way that truly aligns with who we are. By overcoming those expectations and being true to ourselves, by choosing a passionate life and letting our light shine, we're here to help your light shine too. With this intention, each piece becomes more than a work of art; the weave becomes part of the tapestry of your own beautiful expression.


Since our goal is to provide meaningful jewelry that touches the very core of your being, Elizabeth is dedicated to perfecting her art. With each and every piece she searches for ways to improve her craft. Elizabeth is grateful for the confidence placed in her to deliver a quality product that speaks to your inner sparkle.


Elizabeth loves the less-than-perfect stones above all; they so accurately reflect the human condition: perfect in our very imperfection. She looks for stones with inclusions (foreign materials trapped inside), for a truly unique piece with tons of character. In amber, an inclusion can be an insect; in a sapphire, highly reflective rutile needles scatter the light and create the coveted star effect. See? Perfectly messed up!

Elizabeth is here for you. She works to create products that will add quality of life and that will last a long time. Check out our page on Jewelry Care if your piece becomes too tarnished or dull. And sparkle on!

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Previous Work

We hope you enjoy these images of previous work that has been sold or commissioned. If you are interested in having a custom stone wrapped, we can't wait to hear from you!


Teardrop Emerald

Opal in Swirls


Sparkly Pink

Icy Turquoise

Teardrop Aquamarine

Wild Woman

Persian Turquoise


Double Helix

Tumbled Amethyst

Rutilated Quartz

Aqua Moon

Emerald Entwined

Snuggly Rutile

Ceylon Sapphire

Mystic Aquamarine

Amethyst In Curls

Dreamy Aquamarine

Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper


Carnelian In Curls

Embellished Aqua

Custom Orders

Are you in search of a unique wire-wrapped jewelry piece? Whether it's a semi-precious gemstone, a special bead, or even an unconventional find like a plate shard, look no further than Wire Wrap Jewelry Art!

Have you found a gemstone that needs a new lease on life or a better fit? Have you considered turning that intriguing seashell, beach glass, or lone earring into a stunning pendant, proudly showcased on a durable sterling silver chain?

When it comes to jewelry, nothing quite matches the radiance of sterling silver, except, perhaps, for gold. But here at Wire Wrap Jewelry Art, we exclusively work with sterling silver.

Let me share an example of our craftsmanship. Sherry from New Jersey entrusted us with her precious heirloom emerald. This emerald, originally acquired by her mother on her honeymoon in Brazil, had been sitting idle for years. It was the sentimental value of the inheritance that led Sherry to us, allowing us to transform this emerald into a wearable masterpiece.

Our custom wire wrap design highlights the emerald's natural beauty, set in a sparkling sterling silver setting. This piece not only exudes elegance but also embodies the emerald's innate qualities, promoting creativity, eloquence, faith, and hope.

Now, let's take a look at another unique creation. This one is quite unusual – a plate shard discovered on the shores of Thailand by Michelle from Ohio, USA, shortly after the 2004 Tsunami. While our client believes it's from that tragic event, we can't help but wonder if its origins stretch even further back in time. The scalloped edges, particularly evident in the "From this" photo above, hint at an intriguing history. Could it be from China, or does it have a more local origin? We'd love to hear your thoughts on this intriguing piece!

Drawing on our background in ceramics at Wire Wrap Jewelry Art, we appreciate the use of glazes and the unique absence of a clear finish glaze on the face of the plate. The pleasing cream color with blue accents enhances the overall design, making it quite captivating. Michelle, thank you for entrusting us with your fascinating plate shard; it was our pleasure to create a beautiful wire-wrapped piece for you.

If you have a special request for custom wire-wrapped jewelry, don't hesitate to reach out to Elizabeth via email today!

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I appreciate everything you did, and you’ve been the most helpful in every way! The item is perfection! The emerald is beautiful and the pendant is so delicate in its design! I adore it and I’ll wear it every day! Thank you and I would recommend everyone to buy at your store!

~ Vamplady, Croatia



You did an amazing, amazing job! I now have the absolute coolest one of a kind memento from my honeymoon that can be imagined!! It is GORGEOUS!!! I am so thankful to you!! I cannot wait to wear it!!

~ Michelle, Lebanon, Ohio

It is PERFECT, Elizabeth! I am so glad I found you. I had been saving this special stone that I bought in Brazil some twenty years ago, for you to wrap, and it was so worth the wait! I adore it! The little silver beads that adorn it on the right side are just perfect. And the back is just as pretty as the front. I couldn’t be any happier with the job you did wrapping my stone. Thank you!

~ Sherry in Black Mountain

The person I gifted this to was astonished by it. Would definitely be interested in seeing more pieces from the seller in the future. Thank you so much!

~ Joseph B. Hamilton, NJ

Had a hard time choosing just one of these. They are all so unique and elegant. I know my friend will cherish this gift and see it for the fine workwomanship and vision and creativity.

Amazing, like no other.

~ Lindsay, Asheville, NC

Artist's Statement

The compulsion to create is an intrinsic part of human nature, a drive that courses through the veins of most individuals. For Elizabeth Maxwell, the act of crafting wire wrapped jewelry transcends mere artistic expression; it serves as a manifestation of her inventive spirit and a platform for problem solving. In this craft, she finds not just a creative outlet but a means to enhance the lives of those around her. To her, the creation of wire wrapped jewelry is as indispensable as the very air we breathe.

Elizabeth Maxwell, Artist

Within the realm of wire wrapped jewelry, Elizabeth explores the mesmerizing world of dazzling metals, precious gemstones like emeralds, sapphires, citrine, and opals. Her creations stand as the ultimate embellishments for individuals who seek to articulate their absolute uniqueness and inner radiance, allowing their inner goddess to radiate brilliantly.

Elizabeth holds an aversion to mass-produced department store jewelry, no matter how exquisitely expensive or brilliantly shiny. Instead, she has been adorning herself with her meticulously handcrafted pieces for many years. As time passed, the heartfelt compliments she received from those who admired her work began to steer her in a new direction. In 2015, she made the choice to share her creative gifts with others, so that they too could experience the joy of feeling exceptional and one-of-a-kind. Through her wire wrapped gemstones, she seeks to symbolize the inherent beauty and unique divinity that is the birthright of every individual. Her mission is to guide you in reconnecting with the sacred core of your own extraordinary self.

Every piece she fashions is a labor of love and passion, meticulously handcrafted using semi-precious and precious gems, each extracted from the nurturing depths of the Earth. These gemstones are lovingly polished, expertly cut, and meticulously wrapped with the intention of aligning them with your innate, divine essence.