Painted Paintbrushes with Faces

Painted paintbrushes with faces are engaging, fresh, and delightful. Each one shines with its own truly unique personality. When you hang them on a wall, they add a joy and playfulness to the room. Talk about a conversation piece, you can practically carry on a conversation with them. They seem to be good listeners, and their eyes communicate volumes.

Painting these faces on paintbrushes is rewarding on so many levels. On one hand, the face that appears during the process of painting is very much like meeting a new friend. The emerging face is a surprise, a spirit in her own right. She is an entity that I neither designed nor planned, but nonetheless helped breathe into creation.

On the other hand, painted paintbrushes are a fantastic exercise in upcycling. My husband owns and runs a sign shop, and our used paint brushes, once worn to a nub from over use would sorrofully wind up in the garbage can to become yet another item in the landfill, a discarded product of a throw-away society.


Painted Paintbrush Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scotts was my first surprise visit. I was so tickled to watch this lovely young woman emerge. With her fair complexion, rosy cheeks and red locks, she was found deserving of a crown.

She didn’t hang around long. She did not leave in fear for her life, nor has she had to retreat to a castle lone. She has skirted off to to Florida, the land of sunshine and warmth, to live out her days with another … Elizabeth.

Mary is a recovering Catholic now. The waters are calm, all is well.

We will happily accept your used and worn out paintbrushes. Send them to 38 Dotson Road, Fairview, NC, 2873o. Do your part to keep the Earth green and homes decorated!

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