Painted Paintbrushes with Faces




Allow me to pleasure of introducing Mable, Charlene, and Rochelle (from left to right). Three little ladies, as charming as you please. Take one, two, or all three. They are $42 each.  They’ve been best friends for a long time, like a full two days as of this writing, so don’t concern yourself about separating them. I mean they’ve known each other for their whole lives, but they’ll be fine leaving from their lifelong friends to go live in a strange new place.

All kidding aside, they make friends quickly, and if you look them right in the eyes when you talk to them, you’ll hear them answer. They are the best kind of friends. Such good listeners. And when they answer, it’s as if it’s your higher self that knows everything speaking back at you.

More to come, send me your used paintbrushes, if you’d like to support a good cause. Maybe you’ll even get a discount. Mail your used brushes to 38 Dotson Road, Fairview, NC 28730.

These ladies are pet friendly and come with very little bagage. They also won’t take up a lot of room. They are about as big as a paint brush. Email us with any additional questions, and have a funny day!

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Mable, Charlene, Rochelle


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