Spherical Fluorite Wire Wrap in Sterling Silver


Allow this spherical fluorite wire wrap pendant in sterling silver to help absorb and neutralize negative energy and stress. Gazing at and/or touching this lovely piece, it is super easy to imagine yourself surrounded by the protective wings of angels.

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This one of a kind spherical fluorite wire wrap in sterling silver helps absorb and neutralize negative energy and stress. The design of this pendant allows the stone to always be in contact with your skin when worn. Not everyone is going to like you, but when you connect with this stone, you will feel peace and the luxurious sensation of being surrounded by angel wings. By protecting yourself from the effects of negativity and stress, you will find the courage to step into a more authentic, loving version of Self. Remember that world peace begins with you!


Green flourite resonates with the heart chakra. It is ready to deliver a health dose of cleansing energy. Therefore, if you ever feel dull of heart and soul, this stone will quickly swoop in and deliver a bounty of original thinking. For those looking to shake off addictive behaviors and to find their true or higher purpose in life, the twinkling delight of green fluorite is ready to assist with setting and achieving the intentions of your heart.


This unique piece measures 1-1/16″ wide x 1-1/2″ high including the bail. Both sides are equally beautiful; there is no front vs back. This pendant does NOT come with a chain.


Blessings as you travel on your journey. It is our hope that you will find much healing and joy by wearing this spherical fluorite wire wrap pendant. May it bring you as much  pleasure as it did Elizabeth when she wrapped it. Thanks for looking, and feel free to email us with any questions.


BoxAll products are lovingly wrapped in a box with a raffia bow, similar to this one. For the sake of time, we are happy to ship directly to a loved one. We will happily add a personalized note, so just let us know when you order.



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