Wire Wrapped Natural River Stones


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This wire wrapped pendant features three common but remarkable river stones. Specially selected stones for a special someone, Lindsay L. entrusted the wire wrapping to us, with instructions to “keep it simple”.  We understand that her special someone is a down to earth gal, and we hope we succeeded in making a wire weave that takes a back seat to the natural beauty of these lovely stones.


The bottom stone angled just right shines like an orange sun. Just stunning.


The second stone appears to be a basalt, shiny and smooth.  It also reflects a great deal of light at the right angle.


At the top is a small square of naturally polished rose quartz. As the “head” of this little portrait, note the curly lock of hair across her brow.  And the bail at the top (where the chain goes through) looks like a hair style called an “Up-do”, from the 1950’s. We think the below ad for the Up-do sums up this wire woven trio perfectly:



1950's Up-Do-Hairstyle
1950’s Up-Do-Hairstyle

The Up-do is “another classic favourite, in a smooth, up-to-date version.


“Up-do hair is no longer scraped straight up as in the 1940s, but softly swathed across the crown of the head in a diagonal line. The front hair is short; it frames the face simply and elegantly, giving a “short cut” effect.”


Simple and elegant framing. How perfect!


Thank you, Glamour Daze Website.





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