Wire Wrapped Sapphire with Aquamarine


This stunning wire wrapped sapphire with aquamarine wrap shows off two genuine earth-mined gemstones in shades of blue. It exudes royalty, peace, and calm.

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This wire wrapped sapphire with aquamarine necklace is made with genuine earth-mined gemstones, sterling silver wire, and lots of love. In a quick glance you can see why the sapphire is referred to as the king of gemstones. Simple ingredients with sparkly results. The artistry and flair of this piece is sure to turn a head.


This sapphire comes with a certification:

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The magnificent and holy Sapphire, in all its celestial hues, is a stone of wisdom and royalty, of prophecy and Divine favor. Historically, it has been used in ecclesiastical circles and cherished by kings and nobility for its powers of protection and insight. It is forever associated with sacred things and considered the gem of gems, a jewel steeped in the history and lore of nearly every religion.


The raw (faceted by nature) aquamarine wand is 5/16″ long and takes a back seat to the startling blue of sapphire, though it isn’t without its complimentary effects. Aquamarine is related to physical healing and is thought to be closely connected with breathing. Sometimes referred to as the “breath stone,” aquamarine is reputed to alleviate sinus, lung, and respiratory problems. It is also believed to be a stone of courage. Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind.


This unique piece measures 3/4″ wide x 1-1/8″ high including the bail.


Blessings as you travel on your journey. It is our hope that you will find healing and joy by wearing this wire wrapped sapphire with aquamarine pendant. May it bring you as much pleasure as it did Elizabeth when she wrapped it. Thanks for looking, and feel free to email us with any questions.


BoxAll products are lovingly wrapped in a box with a raffia bow, similar to this one. We will be happy to add a personalized note if we are shipping directly to your loved one, just let us know when ordering.



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