Sparkle and Shine with Wire Wrap Jewelry Art

Wire wrap jewelry art will make you sparkle and shine!

wire wrap jewelry

The desire to make you sparkle and shine is at the heart of who we are. At Wire Wrap Jewelry Art, it is our belief that everyone is a perfect being suffering from an illusion that says otherwise. So we make sparkly things that help remind you of your divinity. When you wear our jewelry, we want you to feel connected to your  uniquely divine Self in all your glory.

We built this business with a relentless focus on three key elements: passion, craftsmanship, and stones, so that our products will uniquely help you manifest your own magnificent and beautiful true self. It is with this intention that Wire Wrap Jewelry Art was created. In a word, our driving force.



Expectations can get in the way of our divine right to express ourselves in a way that truly aligns with who we are. By overcoming those expectations and being true to ourselves, by choosing a passionate life and letting our light shine, we like to think that we’ll help your light shine too. With this intention, each piece becomes more than a work of art; indeed, it becomes a direct link to your own divine nature.


Our goal is to provide meaningful jewelry that touches the very core of your being. We are dedicated to perfecting our art and are constantly, and therefore are relentlessly searching for ways to improve our craft. We do our best to ensure that when you trust us with your investment you are happy with your investment.


We love the less-than-perfect stones above all; they so accurately reflect the human condition: perfect in our imperfection. We look for stones with inclusions, or foreign materials trapped inside, so that your wire wrap creation will be completely unique and have have the greatest character. In amber, an inclusion can be an insect; in a sapphire, highly reflective rutile needles scatter the light and create the coveted star effect. See? Perfectly messed up.

In a word, we are here for you. We create products that will add to your quality of life and consequently, to those around you.

So, are you ready to SPARKLE?

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